Caractere Authorised Distributor

"Caractère Automobile" is a Belgian company whose main activity is the design and marketing of body styling equipment for vehicles of marques belonging to the VAG group.

Alain Hurard, the founder of the company and a designer by training, has been designing, developing and marketing the products in the "Caractère" range with the aid of his dynamic team since 1992.

"Caractère" products are manufactured in PU RIM from the outset in Germany to ISO 9000, approved by the German TUV in PU RIM. This latter method of manufacture brings a number of advantages, for instance, a very high finish of injection-moulded products, and the rapidity of the rate of production. In addition, the flexibility of the material makes mounting easy, and means that our products are compatible with the new 2005 European standards on pedestrian safety.

Once in our production workshops, the body parts are inspected by us and then packaged (with screws and bolts, grilles, adhesive, and mountings) for greater ease of mounting, and then carefully packed for trouble-free shipping.All of our parts come guaranteed against faulty manufacture.

Since PU RIM is the fastest manufacturing method, we are able to respond to significant demand levels (capacity to produce up to 25 items per day per mould).

Our new infrastructure, which has been in place since September 2001, was custom-built and equipped specifically for our purposes, and provides us with the best possible working environment. As we have a large storage floor space in our factory we can hold a large amount of stock, covering the entire "Caractère" range (5,000 items, more or less), which allows us to respond to orders without delay.

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